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The happiness project blog, I wrote this on my “the happiness project”, facebook page, and wanted to share with all of you i hope this post helps, because like many i find myself in the.

The happiness project want more happiness and good habits from the blog ta-da check out the updated look of my site december 15, 2014. A blog about the pursuit of happiness i’m working on my happiness project, and you could have one, too everyone’s project will look different. The happiness project: a chronicle of my attempts to test-drive every tip, principle and scientific study that promotes happiness, by gretchen rubin.

Gretchen rubin. Want more happiness take charge of your life project happiness teaches proven habits to increase happiness in individuals and communities worldwide join us.

 · i am still amazed by what a difference my happiness project has made in my happiness here are some highlights from her blog, the happiness project.

The best of the happiness project blog: ten years of happiness, good habits, and more - kindle edition by gretchen rubin download it.

The happiness project blog
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